Trifecta of Freedom

Melanie McSally

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Life of Freedom

Trifecta of Freedom

Why did you start your own business or side hustle? Was it to have financial freedom? To be your own boss? Or, maybe you wanted to set your own schedule. I hear financial freedom so frequently, but I often wonder why I don’t hear freedom of time and location independence just as frequently. Financial freedom is only one piece of the puzzle. What’s money if you don’t have the time or energy to spend it? What’s time if you don’t have the resources to enjoy it? 

The Trifecta of Freedom is about having it all – designing your perfect life and giving yourself the ability to live it. 

If you’re looking to have the biggest impact, have the freedom and independence to live life on your terms, and to have the finances and time to accomplish whatever you want, then I invite you to come on this journey with me.

Melanie, aka “the fixer” is brilliant at teaching how technology allows us to create a lifestyle of freedom.

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About the Author

Melanie McSally is an athlete, a digital nomad, and an entrepreneur. She built her business, WyzeTribe, which helps businesses optimize their business through automation, integration, and consistent branding, while traveling the world. “Essentially, we act as a virtual CTO for our clients”. WyzeTribe helps their clients save time, money, and have a global impact through the implementation of custom, affordable systems, tools, and automation.

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